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4 Business Secrets to implement in your Fitness Business

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Let's understand the problem most Fitness Coaches face

1. Less Traffic

If you don’t get queries, you won’t be able to convert them into customers. Less traffic means when you dont have users coming on to your website/channel to show interest for their fitness goals. If they don’t even know you exist, how will they come to you in the first place. In Marketing, there is something called a funnel. Through each stage, lesser users come down into the final conversion stage. Consider for eg: if you have 5000 subscribers on instagram. If you post a marketing message, all 5000 won’t come and buy from your, only a certain % will see your post, certain % of those will get interested about your post, and amongst that, a much lesser % will enquire about your product/service offered in that post.

2. Selling to everyone

Most Indian Fitness Coaches have only one call to action. Lose weight now !! Buy now. Every other instagram handle boast about weight reduction without even realising if the end user even needs their service or not. As per a popular study, there is only 3% of your audience who is actually looking to buy your service. Rest of them don’t need your service right now. They need educational and informational content, not some channel or a website always prompting them to buy. So STOP SELLING to everyone, don’t become a conventional sales person shouting at the top of their voice to buy your product/service. Instead, try a different approach. Understand what your customers what and personalise your communication to resonate with what the customer is seeking. Sales is NOT about just your product/service. Its an emotion to take service from you based on who you are, what you showcase and how much can you trust the person talking to you.

3. Undercharging their Service

Many Fitness coaches in India undercharge their service. Let’s understand this with an example wherein we assume to achieve a revenue of 1 Lakh per month

You charge Rs 5,000/client.

In this case, you need 20 clients to achieve your target. Now let’s assume that magically you get 20 clients. But to serve those 20 clients you need more time and bandwidth. So solve this issue, either your over work yourself or hire junior staff members to help you serve those clients. But since the cost is less, emotional involvement of the users is also less. Which means like any other service, they have taken your service hoping the program will pay for itself but their motivation and mindset is still fragile and they want quick results at a cheaper rate. A low cost service will get you clients with a loss investment quick result mindset which can never happen in fitness.

In short, you will enter an endless loop where you will be spending your maximum time in client service, and minimal time in business growth. What happens in such a scenario is that you get drained and work on an unsustainable business model.

Mind you, this business model is not bad, most of the coaches work like this, but why to be a part of the herd when you can do better and work with lesser clientele with a similar cost structure.

Work Hard but Smartly ūüôā

How do we solve these problems?

1. Traffic

Facebook has such a good platform to target your users as per their interest. That’s how facebook earns more than 97% of its revenue through ads. It precisely knows how to whom to target. Due to various targeting options available, you can target any user with just a few clicks. That’s how you know that you are talking and communicating the right things to your ideal segment who is already ready to buy your products.

2. Communication

Communicate only to the users interested to buy your product. As per a market study, at any time, there is only 3% of market anytime which is ready to buy. 17% of the market is only in information gathering stage. They are not ready to buy, but give them a gentle push and they would be ready to buy soon. 20% of the audience is aware that they have extra fat but are not actively looking out for any solution for now. 60% of the audience does not even recognise the problem and they are not actively looking out for anything.

Our ideal target segment is only 3% which itself is in high numbers. Craft your content more towards educational and less towards Buy now.

3. Fixing your cost

Now, instead of charging 5K/client, you charge Rs 25,000/client which is 5x the original cost. What will you gain from this ? In this case, you’ll need only 4 clients to reach your business target. The only challenge right now is to reach those 4 clients which can be done via facebook targeting option which helps us get qualified leads

Your obvious next question : Why would anyone pay me 5x more than the normal rate. This is where the magic happens.

We would be working with only high paying clients. This could easily be done via facebook ad targeting option present on the facebook/instagram ad account. But instead of just giving them a diet sheet and a bunch of exercises, you will be packaging yourself as an educator and someone who will help them achieve results and change their lifestyle that they don’t have to face this issue ever again.

Case 1

  1. Work with 20 clients
  2. More effort and bandwidth required
  3. More staff to hire diminishing your profits

Case 2

  1. Working with only 4 clients, hence creating more bandwidth to create more clients
  2. Work with better mindset who understand the importance of health and are more emotionally involved
  3. Less management issues

Ok, before we move ahead, let’s first understand who are eligible for this program.

  1. Fitness Coaches
  2. Health Professionals
  3. Nutritionists

Basically anyone who is a Certified coach who can help clients in Weight Reduction and empower their clients.

They should also have a business and an investment mindset where they are willing to spend time, energy and money in their business to get more quality clients. If you are one of them, congratulations, I would urge you to scroll further and explore what I have to offer.

Let's understand the mathematics of how this conversion funnel would work

Let’s assume you plan to spend INR 10,000 on your ads

On facebook, the cost per click is anwyhere between Rs 10-30 depending on your business. So let’s consider an average Cost per click of Rs 20.

This means you get 500 users to click on your ad for a superexciting offer that you have for them.

Now let’s assume that out of 500, 250 users get excited about your offer and give their lead information. Now you have lead information of 250 users who are interested in your superawesome offer but might or might not be interested to to buy. But we’ll come back to this point later.

Let’s talk about the next super critical information that you would be addressing through a video. This video is critical in striking the right chord with the user. This will be an important pitch where you would be educating your users on how they could reduce weight and changing your lifestyle.

Once you give your value added video, you give a final Call to action as a call to be scheduled with you as per your availability.

Now let’s assume out of the 500 users who came on your page, considering a worst case scenario, only 50 users show interest in scheduling a call with you. While doing so, you will also capture their details like their past experience, what they do, what is their pain point etc. This information will further give confidence on their buying journey and how inclined are they to buy a program with you.

Now lets assume that out of 50 users, only 10% users finally convert to your program.

Since the leads are already qualified and the ads were targeted to the age group and segment with better spending power and high intent, you pitch a higher rate which would be INR 25,000.

Now since you’ve converted 5 users, that would make your revenue to be INR 1,25,000. Now lets go back to your earlier investment. You spent INR 10,000 on your ad, got 500 users on your page and converted only 5 users, which gave you a revenue of INR 1,25,000.

This is a 12.5x ROI on your ad spend which in my opinion is really good. For this process to work, there are 3 important points to consider for this model to work.

The Super awesome offer which prompts users to click on your ad

The super critical video which prompts the users to schedule a call with you

The sales call to pitch users to take your program

Now, this is where I can help you. To create a super awesome free offer that will entice your end users to click on your ad and come to you. The next step is the super critical video which will strike the right cord with your end user. Once they end up in your pitch, then I’ll also help you set up a sales funnel which will help you convert your end user at a better efficiency.

Who am I?

I am a seasoned marketing professional with over 8 years of experience in inbound marketing. I have a proven track record of driving successful marketing campaigns and building brand awareness. 

With a passion for data-driven decision making, I  have successfully utilized levers like SEO, social media, email marketing, and content creation to attract and engage target audiences. 

I have a strong understanding of buyer personas and the customer journey, and I have developed and executed inbound marketing strategies that have increased website traffic, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

I am always looking for new and creative ways to help businesses grow

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